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Last update: 19/03/2019 21:53:43
ABV %:
Deviant & Dandy Strange Brew: Lawnmower Ale 4.6 Bitter
Nine Lives Merry Berry 6.7 Bitter
Bexley Howbury 18 4.3 Bitter
Block Red For Danger 4.4 Bitter
Brentwood Brewing Company Xmas Pud 5 Bitter
Brentwood Brewing Company Santa's Sack 4 Bitter
Brotherhood Winter Ale 4.6 Bitter
Colchester Modraniht 3.9 Bitter
Cold Black Label Glyder Fawr 4.2 Bitter
Cold Black Label Harlech Castle 4.4 Bitter
Copper Street 871 4.3 Bitter
Crafty Monkey Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby 4.5 Bitter
Darkland Wolfenbrau 4 Bitter
Darkplace Trial Brew: Bleak Winter Spiced Porter 5.3 Bitter
Deviteraoy Alchemy American Amber Ale 4.3 Bitter
Heddon Valley Ales Bit O That 4 Bitter
East London Brewing Company Mutiny 5.3 Bitter
East Yorkshire Oddfellows Best Bitter 4.8 Bitter
Exeter Falls Over 5 Bitter
First and Last Red Rowan 4 Bitter
Five Points Brewing Co Green Hop Fuggles 3.7 Bitter
Five Points Brewing Co Green Hop Goldings 3.7 Bitter
Fuller's Snow Globe 5.5 Bitter
Gribble Wobbler 7.2 Bitter
Holler Mr Best 4.1 Bitter
Hopscotch Craft Red Ale 4.2 Bitter
Hophurst Founders Best Bitter 4.2 Bitter
Iron Pier Pretious Al 4.3 Bitter
Lacons Yarmouth Strong 7 Bitter
Lady Luck Phoenix Fire 4.2 Bitter
Lydbrook Valley Viaduct Ale 4.3 Bitter
Mabby Red 4.4 Bitter
Cambridge Moonshine Autumn Moon 4 Bitter
Cambridge Moonshine Liberty 5 Bitter
Cambridge Moonshine Sundowner 3.8 Bitter
One Mile End Dockers Delight 4.2 Bitter
Other Monkey Amber 4.7 Bitter
Redemption Brewing Company Legacy Oak 4.7 Bitter
Reunion Frost Fair 4.5 Bitter
Roundhill Ruby Tuesday 4.5 Bitter
Signature Brew B-Side 4.7 Bitter
Twice Brewed Ale Caeser 4.2 Bitter
Twin Taff Cyfarthfa Bitter 4.2 Bitter
Uprising Nut In The Wasteland 8 Bitter
Whitby Saltwick Nab 4.2 Bitter
Windsor and Eton Brewery Guardsman 4.2 Bitter
Windsor and Eton Brewery Roast Chestnut Ale 4.3 Bitter
Yorkshire Brewhouse Ey Up 4 Bitter