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Last update: 19/03/2019 21:53:43
ABV %:
Partizan Brewing Pale Ale - Ekuanot Cascade Bbc 4.5 Golden
Partizan Brewing Porter - Raspberry Brownie 5.4 Black
Pillars Session India Pale Lager 4.5 Speciality
Pillars Vienna Berry 5.1 Speciality
Pressure Drop Brewing Pale Fire 4.8 Golden
Pressure Drop Brewing Street Porter 6.5 Black
Ramsgate Rye Pale 4 Golden
Raven Hill Ridge Way 5.5 Black
Raven Hill Summit 3.6 IPA
Redemption Brewing Company Fellowship Orange & Ginger Porter 5.1 Black
Redemption Brewing Company Legacy Oak 4.7 Bitter
Redemption Brewing Company Red IPA 5 IPA
Reunion Frost Fair 4.5 Bitter
Reunion Midnight Runner 4.8 Black
Riverside Leaping Lord 6.6 Strong
Roundhill Ruby Tuesday 4.5 Bitter
Roundhill Thwack Citra Smash 4.3 Golden
Saeburh Cannonball Coffee 5.8 Black
Saeburh Citrus Isles 4 IPA
Settle Blackthorn Sloe Porter 5 Black
Settle Ghent Double Belgium Blonde 6 Golden
Shiney Moa 3.9 Golden
Signature Brew Backstage IPA 5.6 IPA
Signature Brew Roadie 4.3 IPA
Signature Brew B-Side 4.7 Bitter
Solvay Society Buck Bodgers 4.6 IPA
Solvay Society Aurum 12 Speciality
Solvay Society Exotic Physics 6 IPA
Solvay Society Structure Of Matter 5 Golden
Spartan Phalanx 5 Mild
St Peter's Mild 3.7 Mild
Stu Brew 9 Am Lecture 4.2 Black
Tap East East End Mild 3.5 Mild
Tap East New England Red Dipa Nero 9 IPA
Taylor Illingworth Cup Of Char 5 IPA
Taylor Illingworth Coal Yard Vanilla 4.2 Black
Three Sods Dark Magus Christmas Edition 4.7 Black
Three Sods Trade Union Pale Ale 4.5 Golden
Three Valleys Gold 4.7 Golden
Three Valleys Paradisi 3.2 Golden
Three Valleys Walsden Brown 5.5 IPA
Tring Death Or Glory 7.2 Strong
Truman's Gunboat Smith Special 5 Black
Twice Brewed Ale Caeser 4.2 Bitter
Twice Brewed Ceres Dunklewiess 4.9 Speciality
Twin Taff Cyfarthfa Bitter 4.2 Bitter
Twin Taff Iron King 4 Golden
Twin Taff Penydarren Mild 3.8 Mild
Uprising Conqueror In The Wasteland 10 Black
Uprising Nut In The Wasteland 8 Bitter
Velvet Owl Hooligans On Halfshell 6 Black
Velvet Owl Lemon Drizzle 4.2 Golden
Weird Beard Brewing Co The Next Episode 7.6 IPA
Weird Beard Brewing Co / Mondo Nuttin' Else Matters 6.5 Black
Whitby Abbey Blonde 3.8 Golden
Whitby IPA 5.2 IPA
Whitby Jet Black 4.5 Black
Whitby Saltwick Nab 4.2 Bitter
Whitby Smugglers Gold 4.2 Golden
Whitley Bay Warrior 3.9 Golden
Wild Card Brewery Raspberry Gose 4.6 Speciality
Wild Card Brewery Russian Imperial Stout 6.6 Black
Windsor and Eton Brewery Christmas In Seattle 5 Black
Windsor and Eton Brewery Guardsman 4.2 Bitter
Windsor and Eton Brewery Knight Of The Garter 3.8 Golden
Windsor and Eton Brewery Roast Chestnut Ale 4.3 Bitter
Yorkshire Brewhouse Ey Up 4 Bitter
Yorkshire Brewhouse Faithful 4.7 Black
Yorkshire Brewhouse Spout Stout 4.4 Black
Zapato Doom 6.8 Black