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Last update: 19/03/2019 21:53:43
ABV %:
Lacons Quell 5.4 IPA
Wild Card Brewery Raspberry Gose 4.6 Speciality
Mabby Red 4.4 Bitter
Hopscotch Craft Red Ale 4.2 Bitter
Block Red For Danger 4.4 Bitter
Buckland Brewers Red Head 6.2 Speciality
Redemption Brewing Company Red IPA 5 IPA
First and Last Red Rowan 4 Bitter
Leigh on Sea Renown 4 Black
Raven Hill Ridge Way 5.5 Black
Signature Brew Roadie 4.3 IPA
Windsor and Eton Brewery Roast Chestnut Ale 4.3 Bitter
Affinity Robust Porter 5.7 Black
Crafty Monkey Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby 4.5 Bitter
Roundhill Ruby Tuesday 4.5 Bitter
Wild Card Brewery Russian Imperial Stout 6.6 Black
Ramsgate Rye Pale 4 Golden
Husk Saison 6.3 Speciality
Whitby Saltwick Nab 4.2 Bitter
Cold Black Label Sandstorm 4.2 Golden
Brentwood Brewing Company Santa's Sack 4 Bitter
Copper Street Saxon Gold 4.7 Golden
Pillars Session India Pale Lager 4.5 Speciality
Crate Brewery Session IPA 3.6 IPA
Mabby Silver 4.8 Golden
Whitby Smugglers Gold 4.2 Golden
Fuller's Snow Globe 5.5 Bitter
Yorkshire Brewhouse Spout Stout 4.4 Black
New Brew (Plan B) Steam Stout 4.4 Black
Ora Stracciatella Italian Gelato 5.1 Black
Deviant & Dandy Strange Brew: Lawnmower Ale 4.6 Bitter
Pressure Drop Brewing Street Porter 6.5 Black
Colchester Strongman 5.5 IPA
Solvay Society Structure Of Matter 5 Golden
Raven Hill Summit 3.6 IPA
Cambridge Moonshine Sundowner 3.8 Bitter
Kirkstall Brewery / Anthology Thai Tea Milk Stout 5 Black
One Mile End The Big Hiyu 5.7 IPA
Anspach & Hobday The Bigger Stout 11.2 Black
Weird Beard Brewing Co The Next Episode 7.6 IPA
Anspach & Hobday The Pale Ale 4.4 Golden
Jeffersons Thirsty Eagle 4.2 Golden
Roundhill Thwack Citra Smash 4.3 Golden
Elephant School Brewing Toblerone Stout 4.5 Black
Brewheadz Totti Frutti 5 Golden
Three Sods Trade Union Pale Ale 4.5 Golden
Darkplace Trial Brew: #0103xx Mosaic Pale Ale 4.4 Golden
Darkplace Trial Brew: Bleak Winter Spiced Porter 5.3 Bitter
Hackney Brewery Underground Coffee And Passionfruit Sour 4 Speciality
Anthology US Session IPA Chinook & Columbus 4.5 IPA
Moncada Brewery Verano 3.2 Golden
Lydbrook Valley Viaduct Ale 4.3 Bitter
Iron Pier Victorian Stout 4.6 Black
Pillars Vienna Berry 5.1 Speciality
Three Valleys Walsden Brown 5.5 IPA
Whitley Bay Warrior 3.9 Golden
Deviant & Dandy Wet Hop Green Bay Hopper's 4.8 Golden
Cambridge Moonshine Wet 'N' Dry Brut IPA 5.4 IPA
Bear Claw Wickety 4 Black
Overkill Wild Nobility 5.8 Speciality
Brotherhood Winter Ale 4.6 Bitter
Gritchies Winter Lore 4.8 Black
Gribble Wobbler 7.2 Bitter
Darkland Wolfenbrau 4 Bitter
New Brew (Plan B) Woodland Light Oak 4.4 Golden
Moncada Brewery Woody Two Shoes 5 Black
Brentwood Brewing Company Xmas Pud 5 Bitter
Five Points Brewing Co XPA 4 Golden
Lacons Yarmouth Strong 7 Bitter
Kent Brewery Yule Log 4.5 Black