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Last update: 19/03/2019 21:53:43
ABV %:
Iron Pier Export Brown Stout 6.1 Black
Buckland Brewers Red Head 6.2 Speciality
Husk Saison 6.3 Speciality
Crate Brewery Choc Orange Stout 6.5 Black
Hackney Brewery Push Eject 6.5 IPA
Howling Hops Dry Hopped Berlinerweisse/Ipa 6.5 Speciality
Hophurst Old Acquaintance 6.5 Strong
Lady Luck Black Cat With Tiki Fire Rum 6.5 Black
Ora Limoncello IPA 6.5 IPA
Pressure Drop Brewing Street Porter 6.5 Black
Weird Beard Brewing Co / Mondo Nuttin' Else Matters 6.5 Black
Colchester Jumbo 6.6 Black
Riverside Leaping Lord 6.6 Strong
Wild Card Brewery Russian Imperial Stout 6.6 Black
Nine Lives Merry Berry 6.7 Bitter
Goacher's Old 1066 6.7 Strong
By The Horns Brewing Company Dusk Til Dawn 6.8 Strong
Zapato Doom 6.8 Black
Mabby Purple 6.9 IPA
Lacons Yarmouth Strong 7 Bitter
Gribble Wobbler 7.2 Bitter
Howling Hops IPA With Fruit 7.2 IPA
Tring Death Or Glory 7.2 Strong
Weird Beard Brewing Co The Next Episode 7.6 IPA
Block Blackout 7.8 Black
Lacons Imperial Stout 8 Black
Uprising Nut In The Wasteland 8 Bitter
Billericay Brewing Company Blockhead 8.5 Strong
Cullercoats Double Dog 8.5 IPA
Moncada Brewery Big Ole 9 Black
Tap East New England Red Dipa Nero 9 IPA
Brentwood Brewing Company Champagne Vlad Oak Chips Edition 9.5 Black
One Mile End Pierre De Garde 10 Speciality
Uprising Conqueror In The Wasteland 10 Black
Anspach & Hobday The Bigger Stout 11.2 Black
Howling Hops Barrel Aged Brett Stout 12 Black
Solvay Society Aurum 12 Speciality
O'Hanlons Brewing Company Brewers Reserve 2010 Vintage 12.9 Strong