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ABV %:
40 Ft Deep 5 Black
40 Ft Deep Jam 5 Black
Affinity For The Many 4.2 IPA
Affinity Oll Korrect 4 Speciality
Affinity Robust Porter 5.7 Black
Anspach & Hobday The Bigger Stout 11.2 Black
Anspach & Hobday The Pale Ale 4.4 Golden
Anthology US Session IPA Chinook & Columbus 4.5 IPA
Bear Claw Wickety 4 Black
Bexley Anchor Bay 4.8 IPA
Bexley Howbury 15 5 Black
Bexley Howbury 18 4.3 Bitter
Billericay Brewing Company Blockhead 8.5 Strong
Block Blackout 7.8 Black
Block Red For Danger 4.4 Bitter
Brentwood Brewing Company Bipa Gripa 4.3 Black
Brentwood Brewing Company Champagne Vlad Oak Chips Edition 9.5 Black
Brentwood Brewing Company Xmas Pud 5 Bitter
Brentwood Brewing Company Santa's Sack 4 Bitter
Brewery 58 Christmas IPA 5.4 IPA
Brewheadz Kitchen Porter 5.2 Black
Brewheadz Totti Frutti 5 Golden
Brewhouse & Kitchen Pig's Ear 4.5 Golden
Brighton Bier No Name 5 Black
Brotherhood Double Dry Hopped 4.2 IPA
Brotherhood Winter Ale 4.6 Bitter
Buckland Brewers Platinum Pilsner 5 Speciality
Buckland Brewers Red Head 6.2 Speciality
By The Horns Brewing Company Dusk Til Dawn 6.8 Strong
By The Horns Brewing Company Kent Pale Ale 4 Golden
Cambridge Moonshine Autumn Moon 4 Bitter
Cambridge Moonshine Harvest Moon Mild 3.9 Mild
Cambridge Moonshine Liberty 5 Bitter
Cambridge Moonshine Sundowner 3.8 Bitter
Cambridge Moonshine Wet 'N' Dry Brut IPA 5.4 IPA
Cheviot Black Hag Stout 4.4 Black
Cheviot Flodden Thirst 5.4 Golden
Colchester Jumbo 6.6 Black
Colchester Modraniht 3.9 Bitter
Colchester Old King Coel's Christmas Porter 5 Black
Colchester Strongman 5.5 IPA
Cold Black Label Glyder Fawr 4.2 Bitter
Cold Black Label Harlech Castle 4.4 Bitter
Cold Black Label Sandstorm 4.2 Golden
Copper Street 871 4.3 Bitter
Copper Street Saxon Gold 4.7 Golden
Crafty Monkey Moneypenny Epa 4 Golden
Crafty Monkey Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby 4.5 Bitter
Crate Brewery Choc Orange Stout 6.5 Black
Crate Brewery Golden 3.8 Golden
Crate Brewery Session IPA 3.6 IPA
Cullercoats Double Dog 8.5 IPA
Darkland Jera 5 Golden
Darkland Wolfenbrau 4 Bitter
Darkplace Trial Brew: Bleak Winter Spiced Porter 5.3 Bitter
Darkplace Trial Brew: #0103xx Mosaic Pale Ale 4.4 Golden
Deviant & Dandy Strange Brew: Lawnmower Ale 4.6 Bitter
Deviant & Dandy Wet Hop Green Bay Hopper's 4.8 Golden
Deviteraoy Alchemy American Amber Ale 4.3 Bitter
Deviteraoy Deja Brew Apa 4.4 Golden
Downton Brewery Kangaroodolph 4.1 Golden
Downton Brewery Moby Dick 4.7 Golden
East London Brewing Company Dandy Extra Pale 3.8 Golden
East London Brewing Company Mutiny 5.3 Bitter
East London Brewing Company Orchid Vanilla Mild 3.6 Mild
East London Brewing Company Orient Christmas Pale 3.8 Golden
East Yorkshire Full Measure 4.5 Black
East Yorkshire Oddfellows Best Bitter 4.8 Bitter
Elephant School Brewing Jungle All The Way 4.5 Golden
Elephant School Brewing Keen Waaaah 4.5 Black
Elephant School Brewing Toblerone Stout 4.5 Black
Exeter Falls Over 5 Bitter
First and Last Mad Jack Ha' 3.8 IPA
First and Last Red Rowan 4 Bitter
Five Points Brewing Co Five Points Pale 4.4 Golden
Five Points Brewing Co Green Hop Fuggles 3.7 Bitter
Five Points Brewing Co Green Hop Goldings 3.7 Bitter
Five Points Brewing Co XPA 4 Golden
Fuller's Off Piste IPA 4.6 IPA
Fuller's Snow Globe 5.5 Bitter
Goacher's Old 1066 6.7 Strong
Gorgeous Gyrocopter 4.1 IPA
Great Heck Black Santa 5.4 Black
Great Heck Divine Intervention 4.5 Golden
Gribble Wobbler 7.2 Bitter
Gritchies Winter Lore 4.8 Black
Hobsons / Brew By Numbers Mosaic & Citra 4.2 Golden
Kirkstall Brewery / Anthology Thai Tea Milk Stout 5 Black